Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment is an integral component of mitigation planning and emergency management. To plan and implement effective mitigation projects, hazard identification and risk assessment must be completed. SCEMD has partnered with the Hazard & Vulnerability Research Institute (HVRI) at the University of South Carolina to provide local and statewide risk assessments. These assessments can be integrated into the state and local hazard mitigation plans required by FEMA in the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000. 
HAZUS and GIS software provide the most accurate place-based analysis for various levels of geography. To improve risk assessment, SCEMD is updating the infrastructure data used in HAZUS. The Comprehensive Data Management System (CDMS) was created by FEMA to streamline the data update process. South Carolina was chosen as the pilot state for the nation to test the web version of the CDMS. The implementation of this project has been very successful to date. Various counties in the state have updated their essential facility data into the portal. The essential facilities include police stations, fire stations, emergency operation centers, schools and medical care centers. In the future, all 46 counties will undergo an annual update of all essential facilities and other critical infrastructure. The improved dataset will be incorporated in HAZUS analysis for hurricane, earthquake, and flood events.
For more information, contact:
Pat Miller
Risk Management Coordinator
Email: pmiller@emd.sc.gov
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