Governor Henry McMaster Declares New State of Emergency to Continue State’s Response to COVID-19

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COLUMBIA, S.C.Governor Henry McMaster today issued Executive Order 2020-29, which declares a state of emergency throughout the state and allows for the state’s response to COVID-19 - and the ever-evolving challenges the pandemic presents - to continue.

“South Carolina continues to fight this deadly virus with every asset and resource available,” said Gov. Henry McMaster. “While we are making progress, we must remain vigilant with expanding prevention and testing efforts. Our state is also facing an economic disruption and emergency the likes of which we’ve never seen, and we are working tirelessly to get our businesses back up and running and our people back to work as soon and as safely as possible.”

By law, the governor can declare a state of emergency for up to 15 days. His most recent executive order declaring a state of emergency was issued on April 12 and expires today. The governor has now issued four executive orders declaring unique states of emergency based on the changing threats and challenges presented by the virus. Those executive orders, and all others issued by the governor, can be found here.

All existing executive orders issued by the governor will remain in effect with the new state of emergency, unless or until they are otherwise rescinded. While the state of emergency can last for 15 days, the governor can, at any time, rescind individual orders he has issued to respond to the virus’ impact to the state and he will do so in accordance with the advice and recommendations of the state’s public health experts.