S.C. launches new site for business reentry certification

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Columbia, S.C.– Businesses in South Carolina now have a new automated online tool to register for post-disaster reentry following evacuations for large-scale emergencies. The South Carolina Emergency Management Division launched the new site in collaboration with South Carolina Interactive, LLC. The application streamlines the process, allowing business leaders to immediately certify their organizations and download an auto-signed memorandum of agreement showing they are in good standing with the State of South Carolina. The new automated reentry tool is located on SCEMD’s website at https://www.scemd.org/recover/get-help/business-reentry/.

“The fastest way for a community to recover from a disaster is by helping local businesses resume normal operations as quickly as possible. This new tool will do that. It makes the process more efficient for both business leaders and our staff, especially under emergency conditions,” said Kim Stenson, director of SCEMD.   

Businesses that certified prior to the automated system going online still have a valid memorandum of agreement. Companies desiring to maintain reentry certification at the end of the three year period need simply to go online and re-certify.

It is important to note that a business must be registered with the South Carolina Secretary of State in order to certify for post-disaster reentry.  Reentry certification does not prohibit local public safety officials from denying access to an area deemed unsafe. County emergency managers may have additional local procedures for businesses wishing to gain access after an evacuation.  Please check with your local emergency management office for ordinances that may apply to your business community.